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MAAT: Tasks of the project

AIRPOMERANIA project presumes the realisation of the referential system of atmosphere evaluation in the pomorskie voivodship joining laboratory - measurement system (WIOS) and preparing the essential information for the wide spectrum of the recipients from Pomerania (ARMAAG).

The realisation of the project covers :

  • Building the referential system of air monitoring in pomorskie voivodship - 4 new measurement stations (Koscierzyna, Lebork, Malbork, Nowa Karczma with the analysers SO2, NOx , CO, ozone, benzene, PM10, PM2,5) and modernisation of the station in Slupsk
  • Project and building the system of air quality evaluation - 2 positions for collecting and analysing measurements results(ARMAAG and WIOS), subsystem of ensuring quality of the data (1 position ARMAAG), library (4 bases ARMAAG)- actualised resources of the information on emission, meteorology, immision, and the results of modelling on each level ( administrative district, parish, voivodship) and from other subjects. The resources will be gathered and accessible in a traditional and electronic way.
  • Building the system of the warning- alarm procedures on the basis of forecasts - purchase of 3 positions for data analysis(2 ARMAAG, 1 in WIOS)
  • Building the system of monitoring the results of repair programmes- tools and programmes for analysis of modelling results.
  • Extension of public information system -www page and panel network ENVIRONet.
    During the realisation of the programme there will be 3 specialist trainings, together 48 hours and 50 people, promotional actions and 2 educational actions. Regional system of managing information on air quality will realise the tasks within the limits of short time actions, warning system, monitoring the progress in repair programmes, archiving data on air quality. The system will function on the basis of specialised informatics solutions. Within the limits of the project two informatics centres were set: for gathering data (CAS) and the centre of rendering information accessible. CAS will ensure full, validated information (measurements, prognoses, meta-data).The centre of accessing launches the procedures of informing decision makers and the society about the potential threat and will make arrangements about taking short time actions. The planned system of managing information on air quality will cover also the system of modelling the air condensations.

Module of modelling takes into consideration:

  • Sculpture and class of terrain utilisation,
  • Sequential time series of meteorological data (ground data and from vertical profiles)
  • Emissions variable in time from point, surface and line (communicational) sources
  • Chemical transmutations, dry and wet depositions
  • Determining organic and inorganic aerosols.

Taking into consideration the continuity of work of the internet centre as well as elimination of the breaks connected with the maintenance works, the suggested in the project solution is the dispersion of the system by introducing the additional auxiliary joint placed in the infrastructure of one of the participants of the project( e.g. WIOS or the self-government). The auxiliary joint will take the key functions in the case when the basic joint is not accessible. The exchange of information on the common platform will decrease the costs of access to and the use of internet and the usage of internet surveys for getting access to data base will allow to cut the costs of the specialised, licensed database programmes. The system is to ensure the constant access to information for the society and the decision makers. In the suggested solutions the project assumes the special solutions allowing for: keeping the constant work of the measurement system , possibility of performing the analysis of contemporary state of atmosphere in the situation of threat, functioning of the channels of reporting about the state of atmosphere for the decision-making centres, minimising the number of breaks in informing the society about the actual air quality by the service WWW, guaranteeing the maximal time for regenerating the full functionality of the system in case of its breakdown. The way of communicating via internet will enable the broadening of the system with other components of the environment and including the AIRPOMERANIA to the system of environment managing, also in other database systems.

Social - economic aims of the Project:

As a result of the realisation of AIRPOMERANIA project, the system of gathering data about the natural environment in the component atmospheric air and ecological threats will be improved. In the case of predicted smog episodes the system procedures of warning and informing created within the limits of the project will enable the quick decision of the organs(Marshall Office, Centre of Crisis Management) about launching short time actions diminishing the ecological threats. The tools for monitoring air quality and for repair programmes improve the decision processes about the air protection. The building of regional system managing information about the air quality in pomorskie voivodship will generate new posts (3,5 regular employments), will introduce new analytical and informatics tools (4 measurement stations for air monitoring, 6 posts for gathering and data analysis, 4 databases , laboratory apparatus). The realisation of the project will enable quick information exchange between the institutions responsible for air quality. In the project there will be created also warning procedures and monitoring of repair programmes, what will enable quick information about potential smog situations (ecological threats).

Project AIRPOMERANIA presumes preparing and making information about the air quality accessible for the society and various institutions. The necessity of making information about the air quality accessible results from European legislation( Aarhus convention) as well as from the Polish one (Decree of Environment Ministry in the matter of making information on environment accessible 18th June 2007). The project aims at preparing information of high essential quality for the wide spectrum of recipients. The information will be prepared with the use of modern informatics tools, e.g. using “gis" technologies. The precise communicate about possible deterioration of air quality sent to the citizens will enable them taking proper behaviours for diminishing the threat for health. The modern tools for monitoring the results of repair programmes will allow for precise determining the scenarios of limiting the emission making costs of introducing the programme the most favourable. The project will allow for diminishing the differences in the access to information between Polish citizens and the citizens of European Union. The information about the air quality will be used by the self-governments for creating industrial policy and terrain promotion. The number of the institutions making use of the basis in the continuous way will equal to 25(without internet users). The compactness between the creators and the recipients of the information will appear via the network of information panels. At the same time, meeting the requirements of the wide spectrum of the recipients will be possible only by permanent training and improving the system. The provided educational actions aim at the increase of the ecological knowledge among the society about the results of non ecological behaviours, e.g. burning the waste in the home stoves. The summer school, trainings and finishing seminary planned in the project will serve this aim. We presume the training for the civil servants dealing with air protection in the number of 50.

The promotional and educational actions will cover 100 people. The building of 4 monitoring stations will increase the territory covered by the referential control of 18293sq km. The widest access to the information is presumed by the project via the internet page, on which there will be announced contemporarily the measurements results, prognoses, information about the project. Introducing new technologies and measurements and visualising techniques as well as the systems of ensuring data quality may become discounted in other similar systems bringing the extra economic effect. Realising the project will allow for shortening the distance between the possibilities of processing the information in the similar European organisations and reaching the planned aim will create the platform for cooperation possessing equal rights in other programmes connected with reaching the standards of air and integrally connected with its good quality - life and health of the citizens.

Projekt finansowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego dla Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2014 – 2020.

Beneficjent projektu:
Fundacja ARMAG