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AIRPOMERANIA: About the project

The project is realised in the partnership between ARMAAG Foundation and the Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection as well as the Marshall of the Voivodship from the funds of the European Fund of Development within the limits of the work performed by 5.3 Regional Operational Programme of Pomorskie Voivodship.

The budget of the Project is : 8 052 286,03 PLN, union funds 5 999 320, 51 PLN, own funds 1 010 000,00 PLN.

The realisation of the project is co-financed by the municipal governments of Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and Tczew, by the Voivodship Fund for Environmental and Water Management Protection as well as the state budget.

The time of the project is : 01.10.2010 - 30.09.2012

The partners of the project set the following aims:

  • Information in “one hand"
  • Quickness of processing
  • Public access to information.

The tasks realised within the limits of the project cover all the crucial elements of the system of air quality estimation:

  • Performing air monitoring
  • Air quality estimation
  • Information and warnings for the society
  • Monitoring the progress in repair programmes
  • Short -time actions
  • Integrated platform for information exchange
  • Educational activities.

Within the limits of the project there will be formed:

  • Referential system of automatic air monitoring in pomorskie voivodship,
  • Regional system of air quality estimation based on the measurement data and modelling results,
  • System of securing data quality,
  • Monitoring system of repair programmes results
  • System of public information (www page and panel network Environet).

In the project there will be performed and entered warning- alarm procedures in the situations of exceeding the substances' concentration entered into the air as well as building and the rules of running the libraries and the files of information resources connected with the quality of the atmospheric air.

Thanks to the regional system of managing the information about the air quality in pomorskie voivodship there will be realised the tasks within the range of short-time activities , warning system, monitoring the progress in repair programmes, archiving the data and the resources.

The final users of the system are divided into three groups:

  • Users with full access (Partners of the project: WIOS, Department of Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources of Marshall Office as well as Gdansk, Gdynia ,Sopot and Tczew parish - through the mediation of ARMAAG Foundation),
  • Starosty (direct access to the Library AIRPOMERANIA - base of emission and immision
  • Society, by the network of accessible information panels , www page and media transfer.

The users will be able to realise the activities written in the rule of POS. The range of the competence for the users with full access will be determined after entering the CAFE directive and after the evaluation of the user's abilities to take advantage of the data in the system GIS. The usage and the access will be secured by the proper procedures.

Starosties will receive adequate instructions for servicing the bases within the range of edition and the opportunities for performing simple reports. Before starting the service of the bases their users will be trained. Information for the society will be found on the internet page and will be accessible via the network of information panels located in the administrative district cities.

The project was programmed in a way ensuring full compatibility with the system EKOINFONET. The rules of creating emission bases are compatible with the system SNAP. The methods used in modelling are recommended by the European Agency of Environmental Protection.

The idea of the project is based on the principles of being subsidiary and on solidarity. The costs of system functioning will be taken by: the state budget, local governments and WFOS iGW in Gdansk. As the scale of the enterprise covers the whole pomorskie voivodship , the authors anticipate the extension of the list of the bodies financing the system depending on the way of taking part in the project. The intention of the authors of the system is to include the regional governments and starosties in financing it. The open formula was left for the other participants of the system.

Projekt finansowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego dla Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2007 – 2013.

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Project partners:
WIOŚ, Zarząd Województwa Pomorskiego